The Apollo

The only “beach bar” in the mountains.

Where you can lounge geographicaly in your own time zone.

If you get hitchy feet get on down and dance, with dj Bobby Lotion’s and his treasure box of vinyls

Not far away but light years ahead ! The Apollo lounge is tuned in, things happen !

Visit the Apollo lounge where  stars and moon hang out.

Be there or be a square says funcky chicken !

Apollo the apitome of youth and beauty source of life and healing and as bright and powerfull as the sun itself.


This Airstream is a legend so here are the great features of its history.
It was designed by a French architect, Gérard Cholot, and named “Streamline” in the early 1980s. The bodywork was manufactured in the United States and the interior design made in France. This caravan began its life as a bar at the Samaritaine in Paris, then toured as a publicity caravan all over France with bands jazz rock for the cigarettes Streamline of the Chesterfield brand … then it is The ban on advertising tobacco, it is finally an outdoor bar under the Eiffel Tower, on the beach in Biarritz …
And now this unique vehicle is in Belrepayre at the elephant sanctum, open to the world, open to you, to simply offer you good moments.

Local beers, southern wines, organic fruit juice … and also important, good music.

Open for breakfast from 8.30 and evening from 19.30