Streamadelic – 19682 pers.

We dedicated this Overlander model 1968 to
Psychelic Art and its subculture.

The interior of this Airstream has been completely redone and reinvented, from the chassis to the ceiling.
Using brilliant materials and a liquid-wheel projector we created in this cocoonesque space, distortion effects where colors and shapes intertwine nicely.
Put psychedelic music at your disposal on the HiFi chain and let yourself slip into this world of Psychadelia!

Perfect for short stays

Large bed in 160cm

Large living area, HiFi, games and books

Kitchenette with small fridge, sink, kettle and microwave.

No bathroom, sanitary pavilion at 20m.

Awning, table, chairs, sunbathing.


Availability and Booking

Let yourself be carried away in this psychedelic journey!