Lucy’s Diner

Lucy’s Diner another gem from the past.

Like a diamond nested in the hard rock of the Pyrenees, Lucys Diner shines forth with culinary delights. Comfort food cooked from locally sourced organic foods, Lucys Diner offers traditional and modern meals cooked to perfection on site.

Enjoy these culinary curiosities outside in the warm evening sun amongst natures beauty to the distant sound of raptors, or in the comfort of the Apollo Lounge amongst its era musical classics.

Customised Clipper in 1946.
This must be one of the first food trucks in America.
Its open pick front is all original.
It was used in various states of America during its life span and ended up on route 66 as an engraving kiosque. This is the only one of its type in the world a real piece of trailer history

On Lucy’s menu all or almost all is organic or local produced, we have around Mirepoix wonderful producers of vegetables, meat and a fantastic baker  … let yourself be tempted by the traditional american burger Beef or vegetarian, homemade chips, our daily specials, our salads, the good cheeses of the Pyrenees, the delicious sheep milk ice cream and homemade deserts!

Wine list, local beers, organic fruit juices …

On-site or take-away service only in the evening.
Slow food not fast food.

Good food, good mood !