vos happenings à BelrepayreORGANIZE YOUR EVENT IN BELREPAYRE!

A birthday, an old car trip in a club or with friends, a new product launch … a photo shoot for your portfolio or a video for your new collection or a new gold record … we are open to all proposal.
Possibility of privatizing the site, contact us and expose us all your dreams.

The old car club outings will appreciate the fact that each of our caravans have their own parking space, so everyone will have their cherished vintage car near him.
Be aware that we love the sound of old engines and that we are aware that owners are traveling with their tool kits and sometimes have to make small adjustments before resuming their journey.

belrepayre happeningsBELREPAYRE EVENTS

We have organized many things since the opening of the trailer park in 2003, concerts, cabarets, shows, crazy races, Airstream theme nights, music quiz, 45tours and also the history of synthesizers, from their invention to our days , With real synthesizers to try, evenings “watch the stars” to the sound of tubular bells, pink floyd … lying on long chairs scrutinizing the universe and the shooting stars … games of criket or baseball. .. and of course the Airstream European meetings, every year or almost since the opening, rallies have sometimes grouped together up to twenty European airstream on the European roads of the south … that good memories!


about belrepayre in the pressBelrepayre is talked about in the press and the media!

Our unique creation has made ink flow and inspire many reports.
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