Meeting Airstream 2014 – Belrepayre 10years birthday party

What a Party !

Airstream and retro campers came from allover to celebrate the event.

A fantastic program

On Saturday afternoons, games “without borders” begin on a circuit specially designed for the occasion, pass through a forest of balloons, slalom between bales of straw planted with bamboo, small climb and we must stop up to pass a thread through a needle then the descent, fateful passage by Broooono and Leïïïïïla’trailer, water mattress and cold shower … and the best win!

The ultimate test, the tour of the campsite without putting feet down on the famous 4seats pink tamdem of the trailer park, take care the balance and the corners are perilous.

Apero under the marquee of the Apollo lounge, full of happy people, it discusses exchange, laughs, meals with organic and local sausages and fresh salads followed by roast chicken with vegetables and bread … and what a bread , 2.50meters long!

Spectacle with the fakir on his flying carpet, the clowns Harry & Orlways Hazzard and Coreo Hazzard and his magic balls, all followed by a concert at the Apollo Lounge, great band with musicians from South Africa and London

Big birthday cake, it’s party!

Sunday morning, wake-up with fanfare with brass band and champagne,  dance under the marquee.

It’s beautiful and just warm as it should be, a wonderful party