Belrepayre Airstream & Retro

Season 2021

Airstream in Belrepayre
Keep an eye on the news ! it might be some last minute oportunities !

Holiday home, bookings available from the 1st of may till the 30th of september.

Rent an Airstream to put somewhere else, in your garden or elsewhere !



Belrepayre and these times of improvisation for holidays …

In these times of improvisation for holidays … how about an airstream in YOUR garden !

To get a space away from the house or having your friends or family at home with some independance.

If you can’t go to America, bring America to you !

Contact for more details to see how it’s possible.

We hire for 2 weeks minimum in a ray on of 200km



You need an Airstream some where else than Belrepayre …

We will be happy to deliver one wherever you wish, for a photo shoot, a special event, an artist’s dressing room at a concert, corporate events …

Possibility to rent one or more Airstream anywhere in Europe and especially in the south of France, Spain and Portugal. Possible delivery in any season.


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